Ongoing Error Reduction CE Courses Available to Pharmacists (approved by the NC Board of Pharmacy)


Campbell University School of Pharmacy CE*:


J. Andrew Bowman, PharmD
Director of Continuing Education

Samantha Clinton
Continuing Education Coordinator
910-814-4784 - Medication Errors Prevention Update

Medication Errors Prevention Update: This knowledge based program will give health care providers an understanding of the behavioral aspect of medication errors and how various personality types might be more susceptible to different types of medication errors. The program will also review the components of a pharmacy's Continuous Quality Improvement Committee and methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the CQI systems. Click here for's 2016-17 CE calendar.


RxSchool - Medication Errors: A Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Program

The purpose of the course is to study medication errors and patient safety. The focus is on steps pharmacists and pharmacy technicians can take to reduce the risk of errors occurring and if they do occur from reaching a patient. This program will explore the reasons for medication errors and how that information can be used to develop systems to prevent them. Beginning with the underlying concept of patient safety, we will study continuous quality improvement using root-cause analysis and failure mode and effects analysis to constantly monitor and improve the workflow leading to fewer errors and increased patient safety.

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