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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Reporting Charges/Convictions to the NC Board of Pharmacy

Q.  Must I report any criminal charges or convictions against me to the Board of Pharmacy?

A.  Yes.  The applications for licensure by examination, reciprocity, and renewal ask:

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Have you ever been charged with or convicted of a felony or charged with the violation of any law, either federal or state, governing the practice of pharmacy or the distribution of drugs? If yes, send ALL documentation pertaining to conviction/charge(s).

Have you at any point in your licensure as a pharmacist been charged by any Board of Pharmacy or regulatory body on matters which could have produced an action on your license? If yes, send ALL documentation pertaining to disciplinary action(s) taken.  Any and all actions taken against your license must be disclosed regardless of when the action was taken. This includes any pending actions


Have you ever been summoned, arrested, taken into custody, indicted, convicted or tried for, or charged with, or pleaded guilty or nolo contendre to the violation of any law or ordinance or the commission of any felony or misdemeanor? If your answer is "yes," mail a notarized statement describing fully the nature of any such matters, with complete facts, disposition of the matter, and the name and address of the authority in possession of the records thereof. Only traffic violations unrelated to alcohol or drugs may be excluded from this answer. If the matter has been expunged from your records, do not


Since your last renewal, have you been subject to any discipline by any licensing or permitting authority, federal, or state? Discipline includes, but is not limited to, any reprimand, license suspension, or revocation.

Since your last renewal, have you been charged or convicted (including a nolo contendere plea or guilty plea) of a felony misdemeanor (other than minor traffic offenses) whether or not sentence was imposed, suspended, expunged, or whether you were pardoned from any such offense?

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Failure to answer an application question fully, candidly, and honestly is grounds for the Board to discipline a pharmacist license, up to and including revocation or voiding.  G.S. 90-85.38(a).

Pharmacists occasionally inquire whether they must affirmatively disclose a criminal charge or conviction other than upon application for licensure or renewal.  No North Carolina law or rule specifically imposes such an affirmative disclosure obligation.  That said, pharmacists and technicians should be aware that, consistent with its obligation to protect the public health and safety, the Board has implemented a system to conduct periodic sweeps of the North Carolina court system for public records concerning criminal charges filed, pending, or resolved against Board licensees or registrants.  The Board’s procedure for reviewing and, potentially, taking action based upon such public information is found here:  Pharmacists and technicians with criminal charges that fall into Tier 1 or Tier 2 reports as outlined in the linked policy should, in the interest of public safety and professional responsibility, strongly consider affirmatively reporting  them to the Board.


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