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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Deceased Prescribers

Q:  Under what circumstances can a pharmacist continue to dispense refills on a prescription written by a deceased prescriber?

A:  If the prescription still has refills remaining at the time of the prescriber’s death, the pharmacist may continue to dispense those refills as ordered.  The death of the prescriber does not void valid prescriptions or refills ordered prior to the death.  See FAQ on Prescriber's death, retirement, or loss of license.

If the prescription has no refills remaining, Board Rule .1815 authorizes a pharmacist to provide a one-time emergency refill for up to a 90-day supply when the prescriber is “unable to provide medical services.”  A prescriber’s death qualifies. You can find the rule here:

In all circumstances, pharmacists should use their clinical judgment in making refill decisions.


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