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Pharmacist FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Forgeries / Fraudulent Prescriptions


Q: How does one report a prescription forgery?

A: Pharmacists and physicians who have a NC CSRS account can log into their account and post a message on the PMP message board.  This message board appears on the right of the screen on your dashboard, see screenshot here.




Q: How should I handle a situation with a potentially forged prescription?

A: David Brushwood, professor of pharmacy law at the University of Florida, offers the following advice:

-Talk personally with the prescriber before reaching a conclusion about fraudulent prescribing.
-Tell the patient that the prescription cannot be filled until the conversation with the prescriber occurs.
-Talk with the patient to find out whether a logical explanation can be provided for suspicious circumstances.
-Eliminate bias based on a patient’s appearance: prescription forgeries cannot be identified by how they look.
-Be factual and objective when talking with police, then turn the matter over to law enforcement official for their independent assessment and action.
-Do not physically restrain a suspected prescription forgery while waiting for police to arrive.
-In addition the editor reminds pharmacists it is their duty to follow the law and not their duty to enforce the law. It is not a wise practice to chase potential forgers or shoplifters out of the store and down the street.



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