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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Internet Prescriptions:

Q: Are Internet prescriptions legal?

A: Internet-based pharmacy practice is not per se illegal. However, illegitimate Internet-based pharmacy practice is a growing public health and safety concern.

Rule .1801(b) provides:

A pharmacist shall not fill or refill a prescription order if the pharmacy actually knows or reasonably should know that the order was issued without a physical examination or in the absence of a prior prescriber relationship, with some exceptions not applicable to Internet-based prescribing.

Internet-based prescriptions generated without a physical examination or a prior prescriber-patient relationship are not valid, and filling them violates state law.

The Board is aware that some Internet-based operations are actively soliciting pharmacists to act as a dispensing clearinghouse for Internet-based prescriptions. The Board strongly advises pharmacists to reject these offers.


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