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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on License Reinstatement

Q: What is the Board's policy on license reinstatement?

A: Under Rule .1602, the Board "shall require" candidates for licensure without examination who have not practiced pharmacy within two years of application to: obtain additional CE, obtain additional practical pharmacy experience, complete one or more parts of the licensure examination, or any combination of the above as the Board deems necessary.

The members of the Board have set a general policy which is listed below; however each case is considered individually. The Board desires that everyone be aware of this procedure which is now in place.

Out of practice up to two years – obtain 10 hours of continuing education for each year out of practice, half of which must be contact and take the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam;
Out of practice up to five years – obtain 500 hours of internship, obtain 10 hours of continuing education for each year out of practice, half of which must be contact, and pass the Multistate Jurisprudence Exam;
Out of practice more than five years – obtain 1500 hours experience and pass NAPLEX and the Multistate Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE).

If any criminal charges are outstanding or may be filed, then such issues must be resolved prior to reinstatement by the Board.

In the case where a candidate for reinstatement who has a license in another state and has been in active practice in that state that candidate may have his license reinstated in North Carolina by completing the reinstatement form and paying the required fee. No additional procedures are necessary.

To apply for reinstatement of your license, log in to the Board's Gateway. Once logged in, select REINSTATEMENT application under Licenses & Registrations.

Contact Debbie Stump with questions.

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