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Pharmacist FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Board Meetings/Board of Pharmacy Business


Q:  I would like to attend a Board meeting.  When do Board meetings occur?

A:  The Board of Pharmacy meets at 9 am the third Tuesday of each month, except for August and December.  If a meeting has to be rescheduled, notice will appear on the Board’s website. 

Q:  I would like to present an issue to the Board of Pharmacy.  How can I do that?

A:  The Board encourages members of the public, the pharmacy profession, or other interested parties to bring issues of concern or for consideration to the Board’s attention. Anyone wishing to appear on a Board agenda should contact the Board’s executive director by electronic mail (, fax (919-246-1056), or U.S. mail (6015 Farrington Road, Suite 201, Chapel Hill, NC 27517) with a written request. The request should specify the topic to be presented, include any materials that the requestor wishes the Board to review, specifically state the action (if any) requested of the Board, and be received at the Board office no later than two weeks prior to the meeting at which the requestor wishes to speak. The Executive Director will communicate whether the request has been added to an agenda and, if so, on what date and time. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the requestor’s preferred meeting date, but requestors are strongly encouraged to identify one or two alternate meeting dates.

Q.  I have a question that I cannot find answered on the Board’s website.  Who may I contact?

A.  Anyone with a question should feel free to contact the Board by phone, 919-246-1050, during regular business hours.  A list of each Board staff member, his/her specific areas of expertise/responsibility, and his/her individual contact information is found here:  But if you’re not sure who to contact, the Board’s receptionist will be happy to direct your question to the appropriate person. 


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