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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Pharmacist Rest Breaks


Rule .2512 Governing Pharmacist Work Hours and Breaks Is Effective

New Rule .2512 provides:

A permit holder shall not require a pharmacist to work longer than 12 continuous hours per workday. A pharmacist working longer than 6 continuous hours per workday shall be allowed during that time period to take a 30 minute meal break and one additional 15 minute break.

This rule, originally numbered .2506, was the subject of litigation with the North Carolina Rules Review Commission for nearly nine years. In November 2006, the North Carolina Supreme Court held that the Board of Pharmacy has the authority to promulgate this rule, rejecting a contrary position by the Rules Review Commission.

This rule became effective on April 1, 2007. The Board has decided to implement a six-month grace period, and will begin enforcing the rule on October 1, 2007. Pharmacists and pharmacies are strongly encouraged to revisit their scheduling policies and ensure that they meet Rule .2512’s requirements by October 1.


Q: How can Pharmacy Technicians be used during Pharmacist Breaks?

A: To facilitate serving the public better it is the opinion of the Board of Pharmacy that technicians can be used in the following ways during pharmacists breaks.

Prescriptions which have been previously prepared may be picked up by patients or their representative. A log of such transactions is kept with the telephone number at which the patient may be reached is available to the pharmacist upon return from break. A telephone call within a reasonable time after prescription pick up shall occur by the pharmacist to review any counseling issues which may be appropriate.

Prescriptions may be received by technicians and assembly can occur but pharmacists must check any product and the order before it goes to the patient pursuant to Board rule.

Pharmacist-Managers, at their discretion, may develop a policy for Certified (by PTCB) technicians to receive telephone prescription orders.



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