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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Preceptor


Q: Can a pharmacist receive contact continuing education credit for serving as a preceptor?

A: Yes. A pharmacist who instructs a student for at least 400 hours can receive five (5) contact hours of continuing education. Internship forms (forms 1 & 2) must be completed and returned to the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy to be sure that credit is obtained for both the preceptor and intern. Pharmacists should be aware that the hours of credit cannot be split among several students; one student must receive at least 400 hours of instruction in order for the pharmacist to receive credit. Only five (5) hours per year can be awarded per pharmacist, regardless of how many students he/she may precept in a given year.

Pharmacists may also receive continuing education credit for serving as a preceptor through one of the North Carolina pharmacy school programs. Pharmacists who serve as a preceptor for a minimum of 160 hours may receive 5 hours of continuing education per year.



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