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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Prescription Blanks

Q: What information is required to be on a prescriber’s prescription blank?

A. Under North Carolina law, NCGS § 106-134.1(4)(a), a written prescription must “bear the printed or stamped name, address, telephone number, and DEA number of the prescriber in addition to his legal signature.” For questions concerning the need for a DEA number on prescriptions for non-controlled drugs, please click here .

The federal Controlled Substances Act specifies that all prescriptions for controlled substances must bear: (1) the full name and address of the patient; (2) the drug name, strength, dosage form; (3) quantity prescribed; (4) directions for use; (5) the name, address and DEA number of the prescriber; and (6) the prescriber's signature.

For questions concerning what changes may be made to a prescription for a Schedule II controlled substance, please click here.

For questions concerning whether and under what circumstances “electronic” prescriptions for controlled substances are valid, please click here.


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