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Pharmacist FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Licensure by Reciprocity

General Questions

Q: How long does the Licensure by Reciprocity process take?
A: 6-8 weeks


Q: If I’ve had discipline on my license, will the process take longer?
A: Yes


Q: Does North Carolina reciprocate with Puerto Rico?
A: Yes


Q: Does North Carolina reciprocate with California?
A: Yes. Effective 9/29/2015, a California licensee who passed the NAPLEX on or after January 1, 2004 will be eligible to proceed through the reciprocity process in North Carolina.


Q: Can I reciprocate to North Carolina using a license that I obtained through Reciprocity?
A: No.  You can only reciprocate with a license you obtained through Exam.


Q: Does my “licensure by exam” state license need to be active in order to use it to reciprocate with?
A: Yes


Q: I am a foreign graduate; do you require the FPGEC from NABP?
A: Yes


Q: Is the FPGEC required, even if I obtained licensure in another state without it?
A: Yes


Q: What is the fee for North Carolina for Reciprocity?
A: $600


Licensure Questions

Q: How often are Reciprocity candidates licensed?
A: Eligible Reciprocity candidates will be licensed weekly, by the close of business on Thursdays.


Q: When will I be licensed?
A: After your passing score is received, you will be licensed on the next upcoming Thursday.


Q: How long will it take to receive my license in the mail?
A: You should allow 4 weeks to receive your license in the mail.


Q: Can I get my license number before I receive it in the mail?
A: Yes. On our website we have a “Verify a License” tool.  Enter in your name and if you are licensed your license number will be displayed. 


Q: Can I print a certificate?
A: Yes.  Once you have your license number, you can Log In through our website and there you will be able to print your annual certificate.



Revised 4/7/21


Please contact Stacie Mason with additional questions about the Reciprocity process.



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