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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Drug Disaster & Loss Reports, Incident Reports, and Drug Disposal Forms


Q: What are Board requirements for submitting Drug Disaster & Loss Reports, Incident Reports, and Drug Disposal Forms?

A: Since August 2017, in an ongoing effort to increase efficiency and to provide the most secure platform possible, the NC Board of Pharmacy transitioned to a new online licensing/enforcement system. It grants access to printable documents, change of address, online applications and many more features.  This also includes Drug Disaster and Loss Reports, Drug Disposal Forms, and Incident Reports.

Drug Disaster & Loss Reports, Incident Reports, and Drug Disposal Forms must be submitted by pharmacist manager or designated permit personnel through the Licensure Gateway. Board staff no longer accepts faxed notifications of potential medication loss; DEA 106 forms; and Drug Disaster & Loss Reports, Incident Reports or Drug Disposal Forms submitted by fax, email, or USPS mail.

 A reminder to all pharmacist managers/pharmacists in charge on statutes and rules pertaining to these reports:

  1. Drug Disaster and Loss Reports - NCGS 90-85.25(B) states that “the pharmacist in charge of a pharmacy shall report within 10 days to the Board any disaster, accident, theft, or emergency which may affect the strength, purity, labeling of drugs and devices in the pharmacy”.
  2. Incident Reports - 21 NCAC 46.2502(l) states that “The pharmacist-manager shall report to the Board of Pharmacy information that reasonably suggests that there is a probability that a prescription drug or device dispensed from a location holding a permit has caused or contributed to the death of a patient or customer. This report shall be filed in writing on a form provided by the Board within 14 days of the owner representative or pharmacist-manager's becoming aware of the event. The pharmacist-manager shall retain all documents, labels, vials, supplies, substances and internal investigative reports relating to the event. All such items shall be made available to the Board upon request”.
  3. Drug Disposal Forms – 21 NCAC 46.3001(a) states that “All registrants under G.S. 90-85.21 shall develop and implement policies and procedures to insure that all out-dated, improperly labeled, adulterated, damaged or unwanted drugs or drug containers with worn, illegible or missing labels are destroyed or disposed of so as to render them unusable.”


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