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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Veterinary Pharmacy References

Q: What are the best references supporting the practice of veterinary pharmacy?

A: The following references are critical:

Plumb's Veterinary Drug Handbook, 5th Ed. Blackwell Publishing, 2004, $69.95 (also available in CD ROM and Palm):

-complete monographs for all veterinary drugs
-pharmacology and dosing for all non-human species
-drug interactions
-administration information
-incompatibilities and laboratory interference
-regulatory information (food animal warnings, performance animal warnings)

Veterinary Drug Handbook, Client Information Edition, 1st ed. Blackwell Publishers, 2004, $69.95 (also available in CD ROM and Palm):

-patient education information for all drugs used in veterinary medicine
-animal-specific patient education information for human drugs used in animal patients
-human caregiver warnings for drugs administered to veterinary patients

Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, 3rd Ed., 2006, WB Saunders, $58.00:

-comprehensive description of veterinary medical terms and anatomical terminology
-required text for veterinary students

The Compendium of Veterinary Drug Products, 7th Ed., 2003, Blackwell Publishing, $16.00 (available in paperback and CD ROM):

-comprehensive listing of animal health products.
-alphabetical index of manufacturers and their products,
-alphabetical cross-reference of ingredients and brand names
-product category index
-product monographs
-alphabetical index of products


Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 8th Ed. Adams, mentioned in the Iowa petition is a nice supplemental reference but the references mentioned above will prove to be more useful to practicing veterinary pharmacists.

Material Safety Data Sheets for veterinary drug products are required by NIOSH regulations and would be required for any pharmacy stocking these items, regardless of state rules.

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