A new pharmacy, device, or medical equipment permit is required for a new location, a change to a different or successor business entity, or a change resulting in a different person or entity owning more than 50 percent
interest in the permit holder or any entity in the chain of ownership above the permit holder, except as provided in 21 NCAC 46 .1604 of this Section. A new permit is required if there is a change in the authority to control or designate a majority of the members or board of directors of a nonprofit corporation holding a pharmacy permit or any nonprofit corporation in the chain of ownership above the permit holder.

Instructions: In order to do a transfer of ownership you need to do the following: Submit the completed application to the Board (see links below), make sure to complete the entire application including Item #3 and #8 (Ownership Table). You must also include an explanation of the change (organizational charts should be included if available).

Out-of-state pharmacy applicants must also include a recent operational inspection and a copy of the license from your state.

Send in prior to transfer (at least six weeks) so the application can be reviewed and processed on the transfer date. The Board does not post date or pre-date transfer of ownership.

Log in through the Board's Gateway to access in-state and out-of-state pharmacy applications.