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Forms, Applications, and Instructions for Pharmacists




Basic Requirements for Licensure as a Pharmacist in North Carolina

Summary of Standards for Evaluating Practical Pharmacy Experience
(Practical Pharmacy Experience Affidavit)

Order for Certificate of Registration

Application for Reinstatement of Lapsed or Inactive Pharmacist License

Credit Card Authorization Form

North Carolina Board of Pharmacy application for examination and registration for the NAPLEX and MPJE Exams:

Click here to access the application:

Instructions are available here.

Important exam information here - READ CAREFULLY.

Certificate of Graduation is available here.

Please contact Stacie Mason if you have questions about the exam application process.

Certificate Program Requirements

Pharmacist-Manager Responsibilities

Pharmacist Change of Employment / Business Address Notification Form

Pharmacist Name Change Notification Form

Request for Increase in Technician-to-Pharmacist Ratio

Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner Forms and Information

Drug Disaster & Loss Report

Drug Disposal Form & Procedures

Incident Report

Pharmacy Security Check List - developed by the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI)

Controlled Substances Inventory Log




For questions about pharmacist licensure, please contact Stacie Mason at 919.246.1050 ext. 203 or by email at